Drive for GMR Delivers, LLC

     GMR Delivers offers a great opportunity to make some extra money.  Whether you are looking for part time work for extra holiday money, or need a full time job, this is a great opportunity.  If you have a reliable vehicle and full coverage insurance you are the perfect candidate for the job as this is a necessity.  Beyond that, we are looking for people who have the ability to follow the app.  This does not require the most tech savvy person, just someone with common smartphone knowledge.  We also need someone who can walk up 3 flights of stairs with a food order on occasion.  This is extremely rare, however will need to be done from time to time and driver must be up to the task.  Other than that, we just need a smile and professionalism.  
     Now that I have scared you, let me tell you about the job.  There is a good bit of downtime depending on the shift accepted.  That being said, living in town has a distinct advantage.  During the downtime, living in town, you will have the ability to stay at home.  With as nice as this is, it can also be a curse as well.  As we encourage you to spend your downtime at home, we NEED to ensure you do not miss any orders.  Missing orders is as bad as it gets with your job.  This is because the only thing we ask of you during your downtime is to not miss any orders.  
     If you are starting in a new area I want to thank you for your faith in our program working in your town.  We are only moving into your town because we believe it will be welcomed in a positive way, and it also has the potential to make money.  That being said, it will sometimes take a little bit for an area to gain some traction.  We still believe that even in the beginning, drivers will make a fair amount of money, and that this will steadily increase over the weeks and months.  Now some areas are seasonal and will have an influx in tourist's during certain months, in general, there will be a steady increase.  Having said all of this, your tenure with us is important.  This will especially come into play when it comes to getting the shifts you are looking for.  This meaning we will not hire someone a year into an area and only give them a Friday and Saturday night to ensure they make the most money.  
     All positions with GMR Delivers will be a 1099 position to start with.  We do have some positions that will be available that are not 1099, however these positions will be filled by someone who has been working as a subcontractor for a minimum of 90 days.  Each area will need an area Manager once it reaches a certain level, and this position will be filled by someone currently driving in the area.  
     Delivery drivers with GMR Delivers have many options available.  Whether you are looking to eventually become an Area Manager, or just want an easy gig with some extra money every week, we have a fit for you.  In general, we have more drivers available than we have spots, so be sure you do not delay as we go down the list in order when interviewing, and we get a lot of qualified candidates.  We look forward to speaking with you, and giving you a fun, easy, potentially lucrative opportunity.


     All starting positions are 1099.  This essentially means that you are self employed and hired by GMR Delivers to perform the service of delivering food according to the conditions set forth by GMR Delivers, LLC.  As with most business's, the income is decided by how busy the business is and how well the individual performs.  That being said, we will do everything we can to get as many deliveries for you as we can.  This can be done by the following, but not limited to: Text messages, Email marketing, Push notifications, bulk mailings, Facebook ads, Limiting number of drivers.  There are many things we can and will do in order to ensure we keep you as busy as possible.  We will however, only keep you as busy as you are capable of handling.  All of these variables make it impossible to give a realistic estimate of what you might make.  For that reason, I have given some examples below.

Very Fast Friendly Driver

Average 14$/delivery

4-6 Deliveries/Hour

Average Driver

Average 12$/delivery

2-4 Deliveries/Hour

Not going to have a job much longer Driver

Average 10$/delivery

1-3 Deliveries/Hour

     Now I do want to be clear.  Just because this is what a driver is capable of, this will not be what every hour will be.  Most hours will probably average 1-2 deliveries per hour, however when the time comes for a busy hour, will I need to have someone else cover the deliveries, or will you be able to handle it?  This is a great opportunity to grow with a company.  We recognize the people who help us get to the next level and like to reward as well.